tour of rome

My name is rudy I'm a rome driver guide based in Rome .My experience in the field, as well as my knowledge in Art History,
I have a degree in Art History,I'm full licenced to accompany people everywere and I will make tourists understand deeply the past and History of Italy!
Take a  tour with me and you will enyoj!
Even I'm avaible for shore excursion in Rome and all over Italy.

My job is tour Rome and  all over Italy .Means to go around our cities visiting it and its monuments.With a sightseeing tour we will see sites and monuments on board.Means that I will show you somethings with my finger and you will be attracted from the places and from my informations .With a tour we will go togheter around the city and we will go inside the sites . This is a good way to have a feeling in Rome or in Italy.I do my tours concerning the time: you will start to visit Rome from the most ancient places and, step by step, we will visit the city, ending the tour, visiting of the modern places and monumets of Rome.

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